What are the implications of “BREXIT” for the UK’s small/medium sized businesses?

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euro-371329_960_720Now would be a good time for you to examine the viabilities of your organisation and Askews is well placed to support you.
Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone now. There will be winners and losers whatever the outcome. I’m ready to help your organsiation to ensure it is on the winning side.

There’s not a lot of information about what it would ultimately mean for anyone, let alone small businesses, so I can only speculate. But there are a lot of small businesses concerned about potential implications of an increase in the amount of red tape and legislation they’ll have to deal with in addition to the impact on the free trade borders, both on and offline, if the UK were to exit the EU.

We’ve heard arguments from politicians and big business leaders about the problems of the EU’s bloated bureaucracy, and leaving the EU would free the UK up to negotiate their own terms with the rest of the world. However, this is based on the theory that the UK as a trading entity is likely to be able to get better terms through historical relationships.

What businesses big or small seem to be crying out for is stability – whether that’s in or out of the EU. We’ve had a tumultuous 12 months with the Scottish referendum, the general election, four separate fiscal ‘events’, various EU crises and now another referendum.

My Clients are asking me what’s going to happen? Therefore, I say that there is a lack of unbiased information about the alternative to British EU membership. This change will affect every business for good or worse. I can help businesses increase the “good”, reduce the “worse”, but only if you talk to me.

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