How to Make Your Business a success in 2017, with the help of Askews Accountants

As 2016 year end approaches, we rush to get lodge our tax returns. However, we must also think of the future. We expect to finish 2016 with Britain set to leave the EU by 2019 and with Donald Trump elected as President of the US from 20th January 2017. But what does 2017 hold for [...]

What the Autumn Statement 2016 means for your business?

This was Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first major announcement and it included some key changes for businesses. This is what I believe business owners need to know about Hammond's speech. Tax The tax free personal allowance will rise to £12,500 and the higher rate threshold to goes up to £50,000 by the end of the parliament. [...]

Another outside the box venture by Askews to help its Clients

Neil Askew, November 2014 Askews has and always will be focused on providing better services to our customers. For example in 2012 when I heard from my customers they were struggling to find quality cost effective legal support. So I decided to add Askews Legal services to our client propositions. This year I was listening [...]

Askews Legal and De Marco announce merger deal

Neil Askew, September 2014 Kuljeet Sandhu and Sandra Garlick I am delighted to announce the merger of the Askews Legal practice with De Marco Solitors who are also based in Coventry. Joining these two expanding law firms with complimentary legal services, which are not overlapping,will give our customers a much more comprehensive range of services [...]

Innovation time at Askews

Neil Askew, July 2014 I was surfing the Internet a few years ago and listening to various rumours within the accountancy profession that accountants that do not adapt to the new technologies will not survive the new age of professional services. For example, changes to the Legal Services Act 2007 now allows firms to trade [...]

Askews Taxi Advertising

Neil Askew, November 2013 A common mistake SMEs make more often than any other it's, "Whatever is left over, we'll use for advertising." Marketing and advertising is an investment, NOT an expense. Although sometimes to me it feels like an expense when I'm writing the cheque, but rest assured when the new business comes in [...]